1. You can finally hang up all of the old posters and pictures that your significant other doesn’t like.

2. You will have somewhere quiet to go when the rest of the household is getting too loud.

3. You can get loud when the rest of the household wants to go to bed or be quiet.

4. There will be plenty of room for stashing old stuff that you don’t want to put elsewhere in the house.

5. You’ll never have to share the remote again.

6. You can give your significant other and others in Read the rest of this entry »

Debate over the necessity of having a television in the home has turned in a totally different direction in the 21st century. The average household has a television in the living room, kitchen, and each bedroom. There is only one question left to ask. Does your bathroom need a TV or is that overkill? This practice is becoming more and more common as busy lives have led to multi-tasking and tight schedules.

Prior to making a decision about whether or Read the rest of this entry »

Televisions have had some incredible innovations over the past decade. What began as the flat screen revolution has now become a race to see who can add the most extra features to their sets. From internet access to 3-D technology, televisions offer more bonus features than ever imagined possible. Regardless of the extras, the most important feature of all televisions is still the picture quality.

One of the leaders in picture quality is Samsung. They have introduced the highest screen resolutions Read the rest of this entry »

Cable television provides countless hours of entertainment through a wide variety of genres and tastes. The average cable viewer, however, doesn’t have more than a few channels they watch in any given period. As a result, the average cable subscriber is paying for a huge chunk of programming that they will never watch. Cable television bills can range anywhere from 50 to over 200 a month, but what if there was a way to watch television programming that came through cable without paying the outrageous prices? Thanks to increased bandwidth on the Read the rest of this entry »

Picking out furniture and accessories for the family room is a venture which all members, old and young, can enjoy. When it comes to the right sized television, you first need to take measurements of the available space. It should not take up the whole wall nor should it be too heavy to rest on the support table. Little ones might say that they want the biggest television out there, and you might even start to Read the rest of this entry »

While the idea of getting a big-screen television can be very tempting, it’s not right for every home. Large screens look best in big rooms, and they can be very overwhelming in small spaces. Before you can decide on the size of the TV you should get, measure the room where you plan to put it. Research shows that most people sit about 9 feet away from their television sets. If the distance from your seating area to the opposite wall Read the rest of this entry »

The way we watch television has changed dramatically over the past few years. While a subscription to an expensive cable service used to be necessary to enjoy the best programs, other options have made it easier and less expensive to watch television.

Nearly everyone who has paid for a cable subscription has complained that they had more channels than they needed. Cable packages are set up in a way that encourages customers to purchase additional channels so they can watch their favorite programs.Read the rest of this entry »

A man cave should have a style that projects your image. It could have a pool table, foosball, video games, or a card table. It could have a bar if that is your choice. But whatever else it has, it simply must have a truly big screen TV as the focal point.
The variations of large flat screen TVs have multiplied in the past few years and luckily for consumers the prices have come down at the same time. 50″ Read the rest of this entry »